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Can I use this material for my church, Bible Study group or school?

You are free to use any of the text in churches, schools and similar non-profit organizations.

Can I reproduce the images?

I do not own the copyright for the images. I give details of the copyright owner alongside the image, if I have them.

If you are the owner of a copyright image that Iíve used by mistake, let me know and Iíll remove it immediately.

Can you give me a clearer image?

What you see on the pages is all I have. I have no higher resolution images.

Can you help me with extra information about XXX ?

Iíll do my best to answer research enquiries as promptly as I can.

Can I use the text or images in a school report?

Yes. Just credit this website and the origin of the image, if it is given.

I see an error, or a link doesnít work. Can I contact you?

Certainly.  Iím glad of the help.

Just use the email address womeninthebible@hotmail.com



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